The Virtual Retina Frontier Headset is here

Escape from the world, immerse yourself in games, and feel like you’re there inside your favourite movie with the all new Frontier Virtual Reality Headset.


We've got all angles covered

Ready for the most pure virtual reality experience? Whether you're in it for work or play, the Virtual Retina Frontier Headset is here to give the best VR magic, with all the comfort you need.


All the features you need


Fully immersive

Get a private, fully immersive 3D theatre with the amazing Virtual Reality Headset. Feel your heart race as you battle through your favourite game

Lightweight and comfortable

Move through games and movies like never before. You’ll be flying through the Grand Canyon or becoming an animated film character in no time.



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What our customers say

"What an amazing VR experience! Other headsets just don't compare."

- Owen, Orlando

"This is the best VR headset I gave come across for gaming. Not only is it a high quality visual experience, but the comfort is amazing."

- Lisa, Miami

"Comfort is a huge issue for me and the Virtua has surpassed anything else I have tried. That and great visuals make this a VR must have item."

- Jack, Seattle